Buyer Benefits and Features

Buyer Benefits and Features

If you’re a buyer, you likely know what your job entails.  Not only do you have to purchase top notch produce, but you are also responsible for long term marketing and selling strategies – and it’s likely that you don’t have as many people to help you out as you once did.

The produce industry has used the advances in technology to provide buyers with the help they need to effectively and more easily do their jobs.  While there are still more changes that could be made to allow buyers to further streamline their jobs, FreshLink is a tool that has proven essential for produce buyers.

With FreshLink, buyers can easily organize seller pricing, which allows for an easy and streamlined approach to comparison and review of all prices provided by many different sellers.  In a sense, it’s a “one stop shop” when it comes to price lists, emails and faxes that many buyers receive at this time.  While personal contact between buyers and sellers is essential, it can create major snags when there are missed phone calls or overlooked emails. You will also find that the FreshLink system allows buyers and sellers to privately communicate – and that allows for fast answers to essential questions. 

You’ve likely found that there are other systems out there now that allow sellers to post information and allow buyers to complete their purchases, but they are often complicated and expensive.  FreshLink was specifically designed to provide an easy to use, low cost option to buyers – but it also follows the current produce buying and selling work flow.  The result is simple and affordable organization of price quotes that can pay for itself over time.

For over 30 years we have been working to format and consolidate large amounts of data so that it is easy and understandable for the end user.  With FreshLink, we are taking the next step to allow essential data to be easier than ever to use and organize, so the produce industry can further expedite transactions. 

FreshLink buyer features:

  • See all price quotes in an organized fashion. When you’re buying, you need all the information in one place. Whether you want to view all quotes for a single item, or all quotes from just one seller - your list can be filtered and sorted in exactly the way you want.
  • Create multiple lists.   Only want to look at vegetables on one list and fruits another?  That can be done.
  • Direct, private messaging to sellers.
  • View historical price list data.
  • Work with your lists in familiar Excel.

If you’re considering upgrading the buying process in your company, we encourage you to take a look at FreshLink.  It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it will make your job easier.